Medinex Limited


Corporate Social Responsibility


Medinex believes that business takes on a more complex and nuanced dimensions in the current flux of our economic and social environments, and that allocating resources in the addressing of indirect and yet pertinent issues can enhance the articulating of the Group’s vision within the context of good and socially responsible business sense.

Medinex Supports Singapore Red Cross’s Relief Efforts in the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Medinex supports the relief efforts in March 2022 from the Singapore Red Cross by contributing to the resources required to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees of Ukraine who have fled from the conflict zones into the borders of Poland and the neighbouring countries.


One of our directors was actively deployed in the relieving efforts to see through the effective distribution of the resources on the ground as the conflict developed.

Medinex Supports People with Disabilities in Purposeful and Sustainable Employment

In addition to providing meaningful employment for people with disabilities ( PwD’s) within the Group’s operations, Medinex also participates in supporting the artisanal studio ARKADEMIE in training and providing employment for people with autism in the leathercrafting industry.


The support programme allows the PwD’s to acquire life-long skills to sustain their continual employment in a craft-focus environment, which helps to build confidence and hope for the them.

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